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+3 votes

I made a PQ from my virtual GPS and klicked the "Add Garmin improvements" checkbox. When I open the logs in my gps (oregon 450), there is a fake log but it doesn't contain any attributes, and all caches say

"Favorite Points: (0%)"

I checked the gpx-file (in a text editor) and it doesn't contain the attributes info, so it's not just my gps who is unable to show them, they are just not there.

in Bug reports by tomastomas (710 points)
We have another bug report about this as well. We will get back to this. When I created a GPX file it looked all fine. I will double check that, and also try to find my Garmin to test it.

I have favorited this question so that I can find back to it later on, and give a real answer.

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