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0 votes
I just wanted to check to see what the latest status is on the Live Maps and when the addtional features mentioned were set to be implemented.
in Miscellaneous by chrispt (1.9k points)

2 Answers

0 votes
Just for checking the status on the Live Maps, click on Live Maps ;-)
by Harko72 (4.9k points)
Yes, and I do but I was hoping for a response from ganja or another Project-GC person if they had an idea when some of those additional features were going to be implemented.
0 votes
The idea/plan is to make an updated version of the Live map after Road trip '15 ends, which I believe is the  2nd of September. But this far we do not have any code ready. I still have high hopes for the first half of September.

I was actually supposed to start working on it today again, but another thing that I thought would take 30 minutes took several hours instead. I was upgrading some software for monitoring the servers, when suddenly a system went down in the middle of it. Created some additional work for me. But it all ended good so.
by magma1447 (Admin) (229k points)