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+2 votes
Quite a few caches provide a logo that the geocacher can integrate into his profile if he has found the cache (finised a challenge/quest...).

So I would like to habe a possibility to add these logos (souveniers) into my Project-GC profile. Mayby in an additional tab where I can put my own HTML code where I can put the links to these souvenier-logos.
in Feature requests by Paradinla (180 points)
I think it is enough to put it on your geocaching profile.
But my geocaching profile just displays the Project-GC profile...

1 Answer

0 votes
You can add your own HTML code to your profile page

Take a look at my profile on

Maybe this will help you to get an idea



by Harko72 (4.9k points)
Yes, thank you Harnold. I added some stuff in my profile "as a workaround".

My idea was to only link the Project-GC "picture" in the profile and put all other stuff in the project-GC profile so it would look more homogeneous.

For that it would be great if the Project-GC user can add one or two individual tabs (with individual names) that he can fill like in the profile with individual HTML code.