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custom filter: last log DNF

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I'm trying to create a custom filter (actually, where is the link to them? I only find them when going to the list of premium perks). I want this filter to include for any given country:

The last log was a DNF

I don't care about the number of previous DNFs and founds.

So far I managed to create a filter for any yet unfound cache and all caches in a given country using the filter generator. The description of the third tab, for logs isn't quite clear to me.

Thanks a lot :)
asked Nov 7, 2014 in Miscellaneous by terratin (510 points)

2 Answers

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The link to Custom Filters is found on the terratin menu in the far right end of the menu. I think the reasoning behind this is that custom filters are different for everyone, so they are under your own personal menu. Note that if you make a search using a custom filter you can't share that with other users as you can with other searches. Or rather, you can, but it will not work the same way since "filter 5" is not the same for your friend as it is for you.

I don't think it is possible to make searches depending on DNFs at all.
answered Nov 7, 2014 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (148,690 points)
selected Nov 7, 2014 by terratin
I figured it should be possible to create a custom filter for DNFs. On the arguments builder, the 'logs' tab I see
Number of logs
Max X DNF the last Y logs
At least X finds in a row
Found last X days

I thought the second option is exactly what I need. I just don't get it to work.
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I don't think you can create a search where the last log is a DNF. I should know, since I have designed it, but sometimes complex queries can be done that I don't realize myself at first.

The filters are created with the opposite in mind here, ie, you do not want to visit caches with issues. I am not saying your idea is wrong, but this was how I thought when I did build it.

For logs there are 4 different filters, just as you mention. I'll try to describe them to make it clearer (also for anyone else who finds this question).

Number of logs - Filters on the amount of found (or equivalent) logs the cache has. Can be less than, equal to or more than an exact amount.

Max X DNF the last Y logs - Find those that has MAX 1-7 DNFs during the last 1-7 logs. Chosing 1 and 1 here would give you both those that has 0 and 1 DNFs the last 1 log. Ie, it would give you all of them. Now when I look at it, it would be reasonable that the first selectbox actually had a zero in it as well.

At least X finds in a row - This is from the latest 7 logs only, which it does not really say. So chosing 3 here would match for example DNF, DNF, Found, Found, Found, DNF, DNF.

Found last X days - I hope this is clear, the cache should have a found log the last for example 30 days.

Adding a filter that requires the last log to be a DNF would be doable. But it would take some time since the Custom filter system is quite complex, and I am not sure that I can squeeze that in right now.


I don't know what your goal is, but my best guess is that you are trying to find good targets for some challenge?

In case it's about finding caches that you own which has DNFs I would recommend Needs maintenance? instead. One of the things Needs maintenance looks for is if the last logs are DNF. But it only does so per cache owner, and not for a whole area. But I am quite sure that you know what you are doing and looking for, and that this doesn't really help you.

answered Nov 7, 2014 by magma1447 (Admin) (219,030 points)
Thanks ganja.

I live in a tiny country with a small amount of expat cachers. People usually leave their caches here once they move away (happens regularly). Normally, the small community is taking care of them. Only it's not really happening. I thought about organizing a cache clean up (replace or archive depending on situation) with cache owners and community, but for this I need an overview of potentially gone caches as people also usually don't post a NM, but only a DNF.

I think I still don't understand the Max X DNF the last Y logs option. Well, I think I do. If I set it to Max 1 DNF then it could be zero to 1 DNF. That explains why I'm not getting the results I was hoping for.

I think I need to find someone with GSAK. There it should be possible.
this one is quite old, but I would like to see such option - filter (out) caches with DNF as last log. Adding "0" as an option for X in "Max X DNF the last Y logs" should be enough in my opinion. Is there any chance to add such feature?
Maciek / Oklit