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If this to possible to show coords of final cache when someone have 90% of series?

0 votes
Like in topic - is there any option to show final coordinates.
Example - there is series of 100 caches around forest and one cache is bonus and I wants to do that when someone receive 90founds of this series will receive coords of final cache.
I was thinking to do this like challenge but then some one can type some one other nick to checker and coords will show...
asked Aug 18, 2015 in Feature requests by wolak (510 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Unfortunately the challenges are suspended for 1 year, so you cannot make any new challenge now. However, the rules of challenges not allows to make challenge based on list of allowed caches. But you can made challenge based on at least 90 caches in certain area (defined by polygon). However when someone else puts other cache in the same area, his cache will be valid for the bonus.

Hopelessly, as I've wrote above, now the challenges are suspended, so you can invent some other sollution

Maybe something like this:

Every cache will have a number written on it's logbook. In the listing put table 10x10 of empty cells with all row and collumn checksums. The cacher should fill this table with the numbers found in the caches. Missing numbers can be calculated from checksums. This system allows fill the table knowing at least 81 values, so founding 81 caches. More caches will be found, few equations should be made to fill it.

Now found some simple equation fo calc the final coordinates from this table, possibly using all values (maybe calculating discriminant of the matrix). But think about the geocacher in the forrest without the internet connection with wet paper with 100 numbers written by hand in small cells of the table with smartphone instead of spreadsheet - will be hard.
answered Aug 18, 2015 by jpavlik (Expert) (18,360 points)
I have some idea for the final calc - get first five rows as 5 10-digits numbers. sum it, divide the sum in 4 three digit numbers (the first will be only 2 digits) and sum it. The last three digits of the sum will be the last 3 digits of the latitude.
Make the same thing with second half of the table to get the 3 digits of longitude.
thanks for answer.
I'll do something like you said I think ;)