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0 votes
When searching for loop 2 of the map hidden month I found two possible "nice to have" improvements:

1. Caches I have already found is shown, unlike in other similar functions. This is obviously a minor problem.

2. If I get more than 1000 hits, there is no "warning" about this, like in similar functions.
in Feature requests by knuslet (890 points)
While it is possible to hide the already logged caches with the PGC Controls menu I say this is a bug. With loop = 1 logged caches are not shown, with loop > 1 then they are shown.

Also no2 as you pointed out seems to be a text issue, it should say it only lists the first 1000 or something similar.

1 Answer

0 votes
Have you authenticated with Project GC? If so, then the reason is because it didn't update yet. Wait a few days and once the site updates your statistics, caches that you have already found should disappear off the map.
by MatthewCat (2.7k points)
I think the first issue raised is due to the fact that the tool checks which months are missing in loop N, then finds all caches hidden in that month that meet the other criteria regardless of whether they have been found by the user. I agree that it should exclude already found caches, since they can't be used to meet loop N.
The answer is incorrect. Caches I have found was there when I asked the question, and they still are.