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and yes, because I have a dream ... that of being able to display the name caches of a Pocket Query, or a cache list on a map ... like on the attached document

... It would be so convenient ...

Thank you for your back, good to you, geo friendly, Fred / FREDAGNES


non trouvee


et oui, parce que j'ai un rêve... celui de pouvoir afficher le nom des caches d'une Pocket Query, ou d'une Liste de cache sur une carte... comme sur le document joint

... ça serait tellement pratique ...

Merci de votre retour, bien à vous, géo amicalement, Fred / FREDAGNES


in Feature requests by FREDAGNES (180 points)
It is possible in GSAK with the google maps dual screen script. A Problem is that the name will automatically on the be placed and there will be overlap in some caces like the cluster of eathcaches on your map. The name is always on the location relative to the map
Except that GSAK is not Project-GC. I once considered getting GSAK, but then I found PGC and have not found the need for he offline database.

Names would be nice, but will need a toggle on/off button.

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