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+2 votes
It shows I have 49 but I have several hundred.  I added an FTF column to GSAK on my finds and put check marks there but it is still not adding them to this .
in Miscellaneous by Jffok (160 points)
So do I need to go back through 800 plus FTF's and put ("FTF") on each log?  I went into my settings an selected that they be pulled from my bookmark on FTF's but so far that hasn't worked for me.
Not necessarily. You can also create a public bookmark list with all your FTFs and then select that bookmark list as your FTF bookmark list in your profile here on Project-GC.

2 Answers

+6 votes

tag them in your onlinelog like this: {*FTF*}  or  {FTF} or (FTF)

by Zontjuven (2.0k points)
+5 votes
I found the bookmark list to work best.  Took about 48 hours for it to start showing up on the site.  I will juat put the FTF properly in my logs from here on out.
by Wild Dog Clan (420 points)
This has worked for me now.   And on my new FTF's I will just make sure I get that in the log.  Thanks for the help.
Glad it worked for you.  This was a point of contention for me for a while as well.