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0 votes

Es wäre hilfreich für diese Challenge einen Checker zu haben. Könntet ihr helfen?

in Miscellaneous by PeSte12 (150 points)
It can be done but the requirement of all D and 5 states probably will require a custom script to be written

1 Answer

0 votes
It's impossible to write checker for this cache because of the condition that the numbering can be ignored but when the number makes part of the name, you cannot ommit it.

i.e. "#2 very nice trail" - you can get it as "V"

but "2 cans hanging on tree" - the number makes part of the name, so you cannot use it as "C"

The checker has no possibility to recognise this condition and decide which number it can ignore and which not.
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)