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+1 vote
in Miscellaneous by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (188k points)

12 Answers

+8 votes
Unfortunately, lab caches are not counted in the project-gc profile statistics, and the counter so differs from I know that it is due to technical reasons, but I think there are other possible solutions.
by Torsten007_Urmel (6.1k points)
Yes, this annoys me a lot as well. Milestones that differ are frustrating! What gives me hope is the annoucement from Groundspeak in their Knowledgebase here:
where they write:
"We’re working with Project-GC on adjustments so that challenge checkers can include Lab caches for allowed challenges". This would mean that Project-GC will get access to Lab caches and could include them not only in checkers, but hopefully also in the other stats.
+1 I find this very annoying too, the total disregard to labcaches. They're not even counted towards the amount of different types of caches scored on a day.
+2 votes
Maps in Profile Stats section.

I needed to browse the site for a while to figure it out. Map layers you use are strangly scaled and not shaded by color tones, all same green only, no matter if I found 1 cache or thousand in region / country. They do not look good and do not tell much about activity in different regions.
by Rikitan (3.6k points)
Agree, at some point we will look into it. But we are not there yet. It all comes down to the lack of time sadly. But they are definitely not beautiful.

But I was very happy when I got it to work at all. It was a good start at least. But would have been nice if we had improved them this year.
+2 votes
Our least favourite thing is the ability of people to give negative votes to answers and questions!! We always try to be positive, and think of relevant questions and helpful answers. Despite this, we have received 4 negative votes, and can't even see who gave them or why??? No doubt this answer will get oodles of negative votes, but some things just have to be said.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
+1 vote
It would be great to be able to export data to eg Excel. I recently created a stat of Favourite points divided by number of find logs received by cacher. Both stats can be found in the standard menu. But the ratio is a much better indicator to find quality hiders. Since the data could not be exported I had to copy and past the source code and cut out all the HTML.

Also a reverse sequence would be nice. Eg to find caches wth the least amont of finds
by *Cache_or_Check* (850 points)
If you are a paying member of Project-GC you can use the Virtual GPS function to export caches as CSV and then (I assume) import this into Excel.
Thank you PinkUnicorn. However the stats do not always pertain to a cache. Often they pertain to a cacher. Since I am not (yet) a paying member I can't test whether csv export works for 'other stats'
+1 vote

I love almost everything about it, if there was something I could change other than the update frequency it would be the ability to select an area from the live map with the drawing tool and adding to a vgps list. I use the live map a lot since it shows me where the final coords are for unknowns. Once I get an area planned out I have to go find another map and drill down to the same area to use the selection tool and send to vgps list. It would be great if I could draw around an area on the live map and create a .gpx file with the caches in that area.

A small thing, but it just bugs me. Of course I could just be doing it wrong.  :)

by Mike Fitz (5.0k points)
+1 vote
I think that although I like this site a lot, I will say the fact that there is a latency on the import of logs, meaning that the checkers wont be correct until at least the next evening if even that (24-36 hours), so yoy don't know immediately.
by Moore4us (4.8k points)
I'd love live updating too (I'm sure everyone would!) - at least an 'instant refresh' to update after you've entered logs. I don't know what technical limitations are involved here though, overall very happy with Project GC.....
+1 vote
Lack of map legends.

Okay I know then now, but for over a year of regularly using the site I still had trouble working out some of the icons. They must be very frustrating for new PGC users.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.0k points)
0 votes
Ok thanks for the help Jakuje
by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
0 votes
There's very little I dislike about PGC, but there's one little thing that annoys me and that's the county map for Alaska. For some reason it's displayed a as strip crossing the whole of Canada, Europe and Russia, with Alaska in low detail on the left hand side. Maybe this is because Alaska is the only US state I've cached in - I don't know.

On the US map, selecting counties doesn't show Alaska at all.
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (19.0k points)
The Alaskan map is probably because Alaska extends as far west as E172, so the automatic map calculation treats it as going from W180 to E180.

The US counties map seems to be focused on the 48 contiguous states, presumably because that's where most of the county interest would be.

If you're a paying member you can use the "Map counties" option under the Tools menu and zoom in to wherever you're interested in.
0 votes
For me the least favorite thing is i am not so much good to create chekker for chalenge .
Or i can learn to make it, i was happy To help project-gc with other chekker of challenge
by Chup'a (11.2k points)
0 votes
There is nothing bad about projectgc. It is all good
by DARKSIDEDAN (3.7k points)
–6 votes
The statistics are not updated every day :(
by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
They are for premium members.