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On my laptop the button for the virtual gps in the top bar disappeared some weeks ago. On my stationary computer it's ok, like before. No problem.There is no change what I can think of in the laptop and I've tried to check all the settings, but nothing is different here. Is there maybe something that has changed on PGCs side?


Just have to tell you - my button is back! :-D  2015-09-12
in Support and help by Newtommon (2.9k points)
edited by Newtommon
I am glad you got it back and that it's working for you now. Please tell if I missunderstand.

I have had this bookmarked for follow up. We have had intentions to iterate and make it better. That was done in our development environment the 3rd of September. The new solution is that the web removes one item at a time until the menu fits properly, in a prioritized order.

Before this updated behaviour it removed all or nothing.

I'll consider this matter solved until I hear anything else.
Yes, the matter's closed. Everything works well.

But I have to tell you how pleased I am with the fact that I can get the Garmins approvements to my gps by the virtual gps. OK, it takes a little longer to load the virtual gps with every newly solved mystery than it takes to load it to end up as a pq but it's certainly worth it!

Thanks a lot for everything

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Yes, they've changed the top bar so that some options are hidden below a certain resolution. Ganja1447 has said they'll probably change it a bit in the next iteration. See

by sumbloke (Expert) (33.8k points)
selected by Newtommon
In fact, we have already changed it some more.
The menu is now always one row. If all items doesn't fit the menu, one item is removed at a time. This affects those with lower resolutions (most common smaller monitors).
All items that has been removed except the quick search can be found by clicking the "user menu" (your username top right).
Thanks for your answers. Not a good thing for me though, I usually use PGC and planning with "Lilleskrutt" a really small one, almost like an ipad. I have to figure out some way to remind me of checking which one of the lists who are active before I try to add a new cache to one of the them. I knew that the virtual gps wasn't lost, just the button and the easy way to get a glimpse of which list that is active for the moment.