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+1 vote
Hi guys,

The Live map beta is awesome! But just wondering, I can exclude premium caches. But there is no option to show premium caches only. This would be helpful. Because I prefer to drop off my trackables in (large) premium caches. Would be nice to see this filter as new feature in the future.

best regards,

in Feature requests by Ritterkodex (130 points)
That would be awesome.
You can do that with mapcompare and a custom filter that only shows premium caches. Add appropriate size filter in the custom filter and you have what you whant
Yes, partly true, but with map compare I can only search around a given location or by region. Live Map is quite more comfortable.

1 Answer

+1 vote
I know your question is about the new live map, but a solution would be to make a custom filter - Selevt Member caches only - then select a statistic, as an example "Top logged", then apply the filter, and Show on map.

Not as elegant as the live map,but the result is usable..
by oz9els (1.7k points)