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I do not recieve notifications anymore! The mails with + and - favorites on my caches, and also log-edits.

I have:
checked my spam.
Disabled, then Enabled Notifications.

I am using google mail..

Anyone have an idear?

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in Miscellaneous by oz9els (1.8k points)
closed by oz9els
I'll try to investigate this tomorrow. I can imagine two things more or less.
1) PGC isn't aware of the FP change yet. Not sure how much we are logging. So if you have a gccode where you would have expected to be notified, it would be nice. Please understand that it may take some time if an FP has been added/removed but the cache hasn't been logged. PGC will not notice that straight away.
2) Something is blocking the mail. We should see this quite easily in our mail relay partners logs.

1 Answer

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Is it a long time since you got an email from Project-GC last time?

I will try to explain how our flow works. We use Sendgrid as an emailing partner. Whenever an email bounces because of different reasons, they track that. If it seems to be a permanent error (like account doesn't exist), no more emails will be sent to that email address. This is to keep our mail reputation high and not spam those who don't want the emails.

From what I can see regarding your email address, we got a "550 5.1.1 <> Recipient not found. <>" for your email address the 15th December 2014. The system then automatically stopped sending emails to it. Can it be that long since you received one?

In Februari/March we had realized that this was a problem that was coming back here and there. Users didn't understand why they did not receive any emails from us. Usually it's because their mail supplier does weird things.

On the 10th of March we released our first version of a program that handles this. It runs once per day, checks the bounce lists at Sendgrid. If a users email address is listed there, we send a PM at Project-GC informing the user, and also attaching a link to clear the issue (so the mails will be sent again).

Since we added that, I don't think I have seen a single issue regarding this, until now.

The problem here then might be that you got added to the bounce list before the 10th of March. Though I am surprised that you have not then missed them earlier in that case.


I will clear your bounce now.

by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Yearhhhh I got mail again... GREEEEAT - Thanks Magnus..
Pretty sure that the FP +/- will work also..
I had some problems a year ago, so your are absolutly right..
I missed them, but it was just until recently that i realized that it was over a year ago ;-)
Edited and removed your email, it wasn't by purpose to paste it in public. It has been replaced by instead.