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0 votes
As there are some challenges out there regarding counting points i recently suggested implementations to PGC which will show some of ypour most interesting points in your profile page.

1. Most points in one day

2. Most points in one month

3. Points this year

4. Time since last 1000p

5. Average points per caching day (active)


There are lots of implementations regarding points. The PGC answer is that there is a tool for checking points. Yes there is. But you can't really check all points you might be interested in. Wouldn't it be a nice feature? I think so.
in Feature requests by SE81293 (1.3k points)
retagged by SE81293

1 Answer

+1 vote
If the purpose is for challenges, there should be challenge checkers implemented instead. That is the correct solution that will also fall in line with our future plans.

Some of the above can be solved with a few minutes of work for those experienced with our checker system, some might take about one hour (maybe more depending on the experience).
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Not solely for challenges. PGC is an excellent place for us that love statistics in all forms when i comes to caching. Since points are beeing more and more used i just thought it would be nice to have some interesting points calcuated and presented in the profile. I completely agree that for challenges there should be checkers. smiley