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Map the eventusers

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A feature I'd like to see in the future is a map showing the 'PGC-home-location' of the users logging an event with flipswitch to display 'will attend' and/or 'attended' logs

asked Sep 11, 2015 in Feature requests by endator (2,290 points)
If foreseen by users as they may block sending of their location. Then a percentage of unknown location may be welcome.
Another good way of knowing or approximating a region associated to a pseudo is to use the geographical found center or may be more accurate if they place a lot of cache the geographical center of their placed caches. With this you can have an approximate for everybody (having at minimum a found or a placed)
Sharing of home coordinates are a no-go, it would be a violation of the API agreement.
that was not what I was asking for, and it is not what I want either. PGC do however publicly show for example cache-centroid.
I don't want anyone to give out my home location to the public. There is a reason why GC.COM hides the nearest cache.
The centroid is something else.
In my Case, the nearest find is app. 50m (!) away from my home, whilst the centroid is about 16km away.
But you asked for the "PGC-home-location".
PGC knows the home location of authenticated users, so you indirectly (or unknowingly) asked to see their home location.

That would be a no-go
My cache-centeroid is 1078 kilometers away from my home (putting it in the ocean, next to a country I definitely do not live in), not sure how that can be useful to anyone...
Well, i just exactly wanted to say, that the centroid is "inaccurate enough" to share with the public. Plus, i don't see any use to know the home location of  possibly a large number of event members.
But it's also so inaccurate that it's pointless to use it as an indication of "where people come from".
Agreed. And i am fine with that. I don't want or need to see "where people come from" and personally i don't want to show it to anyone i don't know. And i don't understand why anyone would be interested in that.

If someone would like to know where i am from, then he could ask me, using the communication ways on GC.COM. But if i don't want to tell, i won't.

And that is why I don't think, that there will be any map that even shows the centroid here on PGC or GC.COM in the future.

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