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Since GSAK and also c:geo supportting the "<gsak:FavPoints>" -tag it would be nice to include this in the GPX files created from the Virtual GPS so the number of favorite points can be shown directly in c:geo, GSAK, (...?), not only in the first log entry.
I asked the same thing a while ago in the forum, but there the question is still unanswered.
in Feature requests by JayJay. (380 points)
reopened by JayJay.
We will without a doubt investigate this. It should be a few minutes of work only.

2 Answers

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During the day we will release a patch for this. We have not tested it yet though, so I hope it's working as intended.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by JayJay.
Works pretty well :) Big thanks
Thank you for testing and acknowledging. Added a few other tags as well, like IsPremium.
Created another GPX, and now it did not work.
Also when I open it with a text editor I can't find the "<gsak:FavPoints>" -tag
Just tested it and found a couple of problems with the GPX file.
The first is that they are not valid XML
GSAK is inserts  the line below in the xsi:schemaLocation to make it valid XML

The first and probably irrelevant  problem is that the email is not valid the gpx.xsd does not allow - in the domain name. It is hard to fix and can probably be ignored.

The other problem that is relevant and likely the source of the problem with c:geo from the post below is that some tags are incorrect
pgc generates for example
and the correct GSAK one is
The same proble  on
<gsak:gsak:LastGpxDate>2015-09-19 23:10:16</gsak:gsak:LastGpxDate>

Another error is
and GSAK

The forth and last tag that pgc creates
<gsak:FavPoints>0</gsak:FavPoints> is correct
Sorry for the long time to respons and fixing this. We were aware of our faulty implementation of , but we weren't aware of that the GPX files failed to import in c:geo.

A fix was just released. We have not tested it yet, mostly because I don't have c:geo installed currently. It would be nice if someone could confirm that it now works.

(same answer was posted here:
Created a new GPX file and now it works again in c:geo, FP are shown :)

Thanks again.
0 votes
Looks like there was another change now, but when I want to import a GPX file to c:geo I now get thet error:

Cannot parse .gpx file as GPX 1.1:

could not parse XML
by JayJay. (380 points)