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For people with many countries in the world map the order is not very logical and it is sometimes difficult to find a country map to look for regions and counties. How about linking to the country maps from below the world and continent maps to the country maps in the same page (using anchors?).

Also, limiting the country list in the world map to 25 does IMHO not make much sense. The page is very long due to the maps, a few more lines of text if someone has found caches in many countries is not a big thing.



in Feature requests by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)
That' a good idea! I agree.

1 Answer

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The limit of 25 has been removed from the world map. The continent maps (Europe, Asia ...) actually didn't have the limit even though the title/header indicated so. This was a bug, but we have now corrected the title, and kept it at no limit. This was probably not noticed since it's not very common to log more than 25 countries in one such map.

Regarding anchor links, it's not really that simple. There are too many corner cases to make it worth the time in our opinion. Some examples:

  • The static rendered html for export should not have anchor styling.
  • The styling for links looks terrible. To fix that, it would probably need to be invisible that it was clickable.
  • Translations makes it hard to link. Mostly because we have been sloppy with translations. The country names are sometimes translated and sometimes not. This has however been improved now.
  • The menu is static and anchors has an issue. Solvable with css of course, but then, that should be removed from static html as well.

In short, we feel that it's too messy to maintain, vs the simple solution of pressing ctrl-f and a few characters to find what one is searching or.

The above corrections is currently in our development environment and will go live with the next release (list all countries and some translation fixes).



As a side note if anyone wonders. We will not remove the limit for country maps. Some countries has thousands of counties, for example USA and Switzerland. Many countries has several hundreds as well.

The limit used to be 15, but on popular demand it was increased to 25. If a longer list is needed, there are likely other ways at Project-GC to help with what one is looking for.

by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
selected by DerLakaiMS
thanks or seriously looking into the suggestion and partially implementing it. Agreed, it is not worth too much effort.