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0 votes

I have never been able to get the live map to work, when i open the page there is a message on the top saying "Preparing data! Retrieving information about your finds, hides and other data." And a circular loading "thing" i spinning on the senter of the map, it just stays like that for ever. Eny ideas?

Chrome 45.0.2454.93 Windows 8.1

And yes, I have tried other browsers

in Bug reports by CSundseth (770 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
What language are you using at If not English, please try that to verify that it's not an issue with the translations.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
I'm using Norwegian. Tried to change it ti English, same thing happens :(
I have been thinking about this for a while no, and I have no clue yet. We haven't heard anything similar from anyone else. But, you can hopefully help us figuring it out.

It's very likely that it's a javascript issue, and you should then be able to find the error for us.
1) Go to using Chrome.
2) Press F12 to bring up the developer console. Click console in the top of it.
3) Click the menus to get to the LiveMap (Tools, Live map).
4) If you get any text in the developer window we would like a copy of it. It is likely that it contains some form of error.
Uncaught TypeError: v.split is not a function(anonymous function) @ pgc_leaflet.js?v=2:953x.extend.each @ jquery.min.js:4PGC_LiveMap.ParseSavedFilters @ pgc_leaflet.js?v=2:914$.ajax.success @ pgc_leaflet.js?v=2:271x.Callbacks.c @ jquery.min.js:4x.Callbacks.p.fireWith @ jquery.min.js:4k @ jquery.min.js:6x.ajaxTransport.n.send.r @ jquery.min.js:6
Thank you!

We believe your issue has been fixed now. For some reason, you and three other users had very broken data with your saved filters. This should not happen and is definitely some bug we have, or have had.

We will try to watch this to see if it appears again. It may also be a bug that we have already fixed so that it won't appear again.
I'm having exact same issue. won't load for me either. tried different browsers
I have tried to reproduce this with your user account, but I can not see any issues. Please contact our support if the issue still exists.