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As per the title. Mine is currently showing as 11, but I've checked and I have 14 (not including events). Could it just be showing Trads and nothing else? I first noticed a week or two ago, when a relatively recent cache (mystery/unknown type) was archived, but my numbers didn't change.
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There are many reasons why this could be, and I can not tell without a list of caches and a deeper investigation. But if you have recent such finds, it is likely that Project-GC does not yet know that the caches are archived. If that is the case, it will correct itself.

Also, logging after it's archived isn't enough. It has to be on a date after it was archived, but I assume you understood that. Just mentioning it. This is not true, I was thinking about another page at Project-GC, not the stats-number mentioned above.

For more information see the FAQ under How up-to-date is the data.

by magma1447 (Admin) (236k points)
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This was to the reason above. There was only 1 left that was still not archived and I hinted PGC to check it, and it's now archived as well. This is normal behavior that PGC lags on these things.

I removed my comment about that the find must be after it's archived. I did not read your question careful enough and was thinking about another statistics.
Thanks! It's good to know it's all functioning (mostly) as expected.