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+4 votes
i get error when i try to open GPX files made from virtual gps.

Waypoints can i open .

i can export GPX to GPS but not to Phone anymore i did it a week ago with C:Geo

anyone else have problem ?
in Bug reports by Ronnya71 (760 points)
Me too

Just tried to import a gpx file created from PGC and I get "cannot parse gpx file as Gpx1.1:  could not parse XML "
The problem is the same as a posted in another thread. I tested the c:geo import and only the tags has to be corrected. the scheme and email is not nessecery to change for c:geo
Just tested it and found a couple of problems with the GPX file.
The first is that they are not valid XML
GSAK is inserts  the line below in the xsi:schemaLocation to make it valid XML

The first and probably irrelevant  problem is that the email is not valid the gpx.xsd does not allow - in the domain name. It is hard to fix and can probably be ignored.

The other problem that is relevant and likely the source of the problem with c:geo from the post below is that some tags are incorrect
pgc generates for example
and the correct GSAK one is
The same proble  on
<gsak:gsak:LastGpxDate>2015-09-19 23:10:16</gsak:gsak:LastGpxDate>

Another error is
and GSAK

The forth and last tag that pgc creates
<gsak:FavPoints>0</gsak:FavPoints> is correct
Yes, I do have the same problem.
OK, at least opening the GPX file in GSAK and exporting again into GPX helps as workaround. After this C:GEO accepts the GPX for import
Same error for me!

I had to generate the GPX in PGC, import it to GSAK, export it to a GPX file and import it to c:geo for it to work.

1 Answer

+4 votes
Sorry for the long time to respons and fixing this. We were aware of our faulty implementation of , but we weren't aware of that the GPX files failed to import in c:geo.

A fix was just released. We have not tested it yet, mostly because I don't have c:geo installed currently. It would be nice if someone could confirm that it now works.
by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
Did not try in c:geo bur a i generated a gpx and it still has the same problem in xml validation. The incorecct line below is an example
You are correct. The new code was released, but the process wasn't restarted. It has been killed now, and will spawn again in a few minutes (<= 15 minutes).

EDIT: The new process has been spawned.
An import test in c:geo worked
I can also confirm an import into cgeo now working. Thanks for the fix chaps
Thanks now it works