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This might already exist but I couldn't determine how to do it.

Could you add a feature to the challenge checker searching so that users can filter the checkers list by GC code. If I know a particular challenge I think it would be useful to search for that GC code to see if a checker already exists. This might eliminate a lot of duplicate questions asking for a checker too.

I'm assuming this would be fairly trivial to add as the challenge code is clearly tagged against a checker. Similarly being able to see the list of challenges a particular checker solves would be handy. As users could see which ones they'd completed and then view that on a map.
in Feature requests by ShammyLevva (Expert) (8.3k points)

1 Answer

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All those features alreasy exists.
To search by gc code or name. You have to select no country if is not in your home country

and the map with alot of filter options

If the checker has been autorun for you a ok or no ok is displayed on all maps

You can also use the url with gc code directly to get to the checker. If multiple are taged i dont know witch one is used
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
selected by ShammyLevva (Expert)
Regarding the last. If there are multiple tags for one gccode it will show a search page showing those matching.