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+4 votes

I always used GC-Tour, but the programmer seems to stop his project and some main features are broken. So I switched to virtual GPS and I'm missing one thing most: To print an owerview of the caches. I just need cache name, GC-Code, maybe coordinates and a bit room for comments. This would help a lot because I can add some comments to the caches I will log later at home.


in Feature requests by Aranita (200 points)
You can download the data as a CSV and import into a spreadshet. Just remove/hide columns you dont need and print the rest

2 Answers

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We do have such plans, and we plan to have several different layouts available, something like this:

  1. Very compact, one cache per row, the paper in portrait mode.
  2. Very compact as well, one cache per row, paper in landscape. Will have more data but fewer geocaches than number 1.
  3. Less compact format. Landscape. Each geocache will probably have 2-3 rows of data. The idea is to have everything except the description itself.
  4. More verbose layout. Portrait. Maybe 2-3 caches per page. A part of the description included, and hopefully a few static maps.
  5. Very verbose layout. Portrait. One cache per page (or less). The idea is that it should be pretty much the same as printing from

We have not started the work on this yet though. Mostly because we haven't taken the time to figure out how we want it to look. If you have ideas, feel free to send screenshots/photos. The project is still in an idea phase for us.

One layout will exist first. We will write the code to support several, but will save on the time spent producing the layout. Most likely that it will be one of the 3 first that will be our first version, probably #1 or #2. They seem the most easy ones. Creating the layout will probably be quite cumbersome. We will built it with the same tech that we create our invoices on, and that wasn't very easy to be honest.


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by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
Thanks a lot for your answer, sounds very good to me. Maybe you will check GC-Tour and use some of the features there for Project GC.
0 votes
You can have already a lot per page,
- using the virtual gps,
- then extending the bottom limit of the table (black triangle down right)
- and selecting the auto resize of the browser.

In this way I have the total of default columns on a ~60 lines in one side of a paper and the map with best tour on the back of the page. I do that to search in a specific region or just to maintain my hidden caches.
by Pepegeo (9.5k points)