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On my Profile Stats page I can see that

"Der Grosse Baer DGB has received 11892 found logs on 52 hidden geocaches, by 2436 geocachers"

Obviously that numbers are for all my geocaches all over the country / world.

As I am curious how my geocaches in a specific area are doing, I would like to request the possibility to filter by Center/Radius.


in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)
Profile stats take a lot of time to create and many of the like "Most consecutive days with finds:" make not a lot of sense if you make a radius filter.
You are really only talking of is the stats of your hides.
You can finds number of logs with the Logs Received. The geographical filter is only country/region/counties. A circle radious might be an idea
I cant found a way to find number of people that have found your caches.
That stat might be interesting and is quite easy to create in SQL. I have no idea the speed of it and it might be to slow
If you really what to know number of different geocachers on your caches if it is not created you can do it locally in GSAK. Set the user flag for the caches you want to look at and use the sql manager from tools and run the line below. Ofcource you have to download all logs for your caches to get a correct result. A macro could be created if it will be used alot.

select count() from (select * from (select code,name from caches where userflag=1) join (select lparent,lby from logs where (lType="Found it" or lType="Attended") on code=lparent group by lby)
Thanks for your answer.

Yes, specifically I am only interested to find out how many unique geocachers have found my caches in a specific area. It makes a difference to me whether only one person has found 100 of my caches, or if 100 people have found only one cache each. Ecologically it makes a difference how many people have trampled on the vegetation.

The reason behind this: I like to hide caches but I want to do it in a environment friendly way. I want to balance the difficulty rating against number of visitors to my caches. Therefore I need this metric to base my decisions upon.

GSAK is surely a great tool, but I am a Linux user and have no Windows installation on my computer.

When applying a center/radius filter it would probably be much faster because of the reduced number of caches in that selected area.

Please, if somehow possible, incorporate this feature in the statistics page.

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