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+2 votes
Would be nice to trigger a mail when certain conditions on a friend are fulfilled, (like recent image or events notifier)


number of caches found, parameter the number reach or the multiple of 100, 1000

Fil a specific % of the 81 type, find a 5/5, etc....

Is there already something available, possible to build already now?

could be done on the same way as caches queries, but on the user_id database

Example: I just see a friend finding his 5000th, i would like to have a warning, so i could send him/her congratulation
in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
I see that is (WIP) Work In Progress now. Thanks

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Pepegeo

If this is Work in Progress, all we have to do is wait...

by Harko72 (4.9k points)