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I am looking for a way to find caches matching a specific elevation for a challenge (GC2V5HV, slightly difficult to write a checker for).

The nearest I can find is to use Statistics > Top elevation, but while that gives me a list of caches it does not say where they are - click each one is laborious. I can select Create A Map, but that maps only the top n caches, not the ones I might be interested in (eg at about 800m, which might be on page 20 of the results).

If there is no current way to find caches matching region + elevation, can we have a results and map page that provides this please? Perhaps an height filter in Live map would be an excellent way to do this (another dual slider similar to terrain slider, specify top and bottom limit, default -999 to +9999m)


Thanks, Tom
in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (44.6k points)
It is easy to write a checker if the requirement that cache used in "Four Seasons Challenge" are not reused

To find candidates is harder and there is not relay a good way.
The best I know about is to all caches in a relevant area to the vpgs and sort by elevation.

If you are asking for your matching finds add all to a vgps list and sort by elevation.
Dont forgett to add archived and disabled if you add the from map compare
Still a cludgy solution - I can identify caches your way but finding ones to fulfil the challenge is still hard, as no way to see where they are without clicking each one. However this is an execlent solution for going through my finds to see if I already qualify.
Thanks, Target.
Just create one vgps list for each missing elevation interval. Remove caches with wrong elevation and display as a map and the problem is solved

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