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+4 votes

I really like the Project GC LOG IMAGES NOTIFIER which works great for all my caches out there!

... is there a way to automatically also get informed about new images uploaded to my diverse Travelbugs on duty?

in Feature requests by Leirum (290 points)
I would also like this!

1 Answer

0 votes
Project-GC does not have the data for trackables as it works today, therefore it's impossible. It is not likely that we will have the data in the near feature either, with the main reason that it will produce a lot of load on Groundspeaks servers.

We are working on a closer relationship with Groundspeak though. But this far we do not know what the future holds regarding this.
by magma1447 (Admin) (241k points)
Thanks Ganja --- looking forward, to what comes next!
All best,