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It is possible to integrate the 161m circle (from solved mystries) into the live map ?

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I like the 161m circle feature in "solved mysteries". Is it possible to integrate/activate this wunderfull function in the live map. It is very helpful to find places for new caches ....


best regards from Berlin


asked Oct 14, 2015 in Feature requests by andrega (210 points)
That is available on all maps except live map if I am not mistaken. The GC logo on the left side of the map and the circle
I suggest using maps compare for that. If the county filter gives to many caches and results in a slow map use the Center/radius filter. Coordinates, gccodes and locations that google understand can be used
Don't forget to add a filter to include disabled caches because they are needed.

Remember that only myst/multis etc with corrected coordinate shall be considered. There will be circles for all caches corrected or not and event.
Filter manually by looking at the map the source of the circle.
Don't forget physical stages of multis and mysts. Thay cant be added to PGC.
To get a solution with all circles GSAK or some other program has to be used. (and you have to have solves all caches and stored all stages)
Would be nice also to have the same interface in map-compare and live map. One have the 161m circle function the other not. I'm sometime confused not to have the same interface for the two

1 Answer

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It is on the TODO-list. Click the Info-icon on the left to see other planned things for LiveMap.

answered Oct 15, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (219,030 points)