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+2 votes
Is there a way to find which of the caches that I've found have had their D/T rating changed since I found them?
The reason for my question is that up until recently I had a full matrix. Now the owner of a cache that I had found has changed their D/T rating for the cache from 4.5/3 to something else. This left me with a hole in the matrix. I know that can easily be fixed by finding another cache with that rating, but that's beside my point. I'm just curious to find out which cache has changed their rating, and can't easily trace back which one that was. Especially as that cache has now obviously gone from the "Way to 81" list too, and I see no way to look up old "Way to 81" lists. Any suggestions are welcome.
in Miscellaneous by NLBokkie (3.0k points)

3 Answers

+2 votes
No, it is not possible. We don't keep a history of previous D/T ratings for caches (or other changed information, for that matter).
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (157k points)
Actually, this is half true. You do not know it yet, but I have been working on a d/t-change-tracker. We only have a few days old data though, and it's not available in the web interface yet.

I'll add another answer for this with more details regarding the specific case.
+1 vote
Pinkunicorn is more or less correct. It is true in itself, but we are also working on something for this.

There are two issues though. We have only tracked these changes for a few days (less than a week), and it is not available on the web yet.

But I also notice that you have a full D/T according to Project-GC, so maybe Project-GC hasn't detected the change of D/T yet. If that is the case, it will soon, and then I will be able to see which ones of your finds has changed.

EDIT: If I don't get back to you within 24 hours with more information. Place a note to remind me. I am currently waiting for Project-GC to update data about your finds. But since I am heading for bed, there is a big risk I will forget about this.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Hi Ganja, my matrix is full again as I deliberately went to find a cache that had the now missing D/T rating last Thursday. So my matrix is now full again, and the cache mentioned with 4,5/3 at the end of the Way to 81 is the cache I found Thursday. The previous one is gone from the Way to 81 list. I'm just still curious which cache it was that had its D/T changed early last week, due to which I got that hole.

For now, I suppose it's almost impossible to find out which one went missing. But it makes me think that an option to "lock your matrix", comparable as to what has for the milestones could be valuable for cases like this. Thanks anyway for the feedback.
0 votes
If you have an old copy of the your 'my finds' gpx you could load it up in GSAK and see which cache used to have that rating.
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
Hi Mole125, I agree. But I don't have an old gpx file as I usually use a smartphone with the app. I don't keep finds in separate 'my finds' files unfortunately. Thanks for trying to help out though.