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I started to build a route in the west of Germany into Holland and south to Belgium. I am sure I saved the route (I think I used the name "THE EPIC ROADTRIP", it is what it is...). But now on an other computer I can't find it.

I created a new route with tha name Test and it seems like it is saved ok. I can see it in a new brower session. I have not tried to find it on an other computer.

Where did my saved route go?
in Support and help by doffy_74 (580 points)
They should be in the list after Existing routes: on
They are saved on the and what computer you use is not important

It might be a a bug but but nothing appears when I select one. My memory is that they should be displayed on the map like when you create them but nothing is shown.
If you could edit them I cant remember.

They worked in mapcompare but the area of the route is not displayed
at home now. I have 2 routes in Route Builder. "Test" and "D-Dorf - France" (D-Dorf as in the hip-hoppy version of Düsseldorf, I hope it will catch on), both where created and saved at work today. But when I select them, nothing happens. Shouldn't they appear on the map? I want to edit them...
I think you were able to see then before but not edit them. You have to creat a new route instead
But you can use them as filter but the bounding boxes are not displayed
I don't even get the route to open in a new browser now, but the name is at least in the drop-down menu. I can use it in "Map Compare". But it seems like there is no way for me to edit the route once I left the "Route Builder" page.

1 Answer

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The old routes are selectable so that they can be removed.

One has never been able to view the existing routes or edit them. It's likely that it will change though. When we added the option to delete routes, we also started to save information about them. That information is needed to be able to edit them. So these days we could add the functionality, but it's not implemented, yet.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
How is loading and edit Existing Routes coming along?
It makes me a bit sad I can't even view Routes I created...
is it still not possible to edit an existing route? I was not able to find how to do that.