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I've been using the Project-GC Greasemonkey script for many months.  Probably a few weeks ago, the reverse geocoded address feature stopped working.  (No, I did not turn it off or in any way that I can detect disable it.)  I have not made any modifications to the script, to my browser, or to my firewall.  My system is dual-boot (Windows/Linux), and the same thing happens in Firefox under both OSes.  I've even installed the script on Chrome under Tampermonkey and the feature doesn't work there either.  I have a feeling Google might have changed the address or the format of the information provided by their API, but that's just a guess on my part.

1) Anyone else out there noticed the same problem?

2) Can someone at Project-GC look into it, please?
in Bug reports by beerslayer2000 (220 points)
Same problem
As of the latest Groundspeak page redesign, c:geo logging stopped working, as did the PGC script user name resolving and some other things, indeed.

1 Answer

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We just released version 1.4.7 which fixes the issues, and yes, it's because of changes to

by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
selected by beerslayer2000