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+1 vote
I have created a couple of routes. When I try to use that as a filter it does not work. When I go back into the Route Builder and select a route it does not show that route on the map.
in Miscellaneous by chrispt (1.9k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

It is not supposed to be shown on the map when you select it actually. In the future when we implement "edit route" it will show there.

Please add some more details to your question, like.

  • Is it in a specific page or have you tried several? Which?
  • What settings did you use when creating the route? If you can create a similar one and screenshot it before saving it would be great. But please test that one as well then.
  • Do you get any form of error message, a white screen or timeout?
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Apologies. I was trying to run the Favorites percentage Wilson. When I select my route to add as the filter and then filter it, it does not actually filter based on the route, but based on the country I chose.
Works fine when I am testing it. Top 200 Wilson between Rostock and Berlin:

There must be something with your filter or how it was set up.

PS! Nothing to apologize for, not so easy to know what information might be needed.
Hmm, just tried it again and it worked. Do I need to make sure country is in there or can it be blank?
Unsure, it's most likely different in different pages. But it should give you an error message that is very clear if you haven't added filters enough.

But I would guess that most pages requires you to add at least a country. There is also a multi-country-select for paying members. It can be enabled to the right of the county-select-box.

Anyway, glad it started to work.