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+3 votes
No#1 listed "Top FTF" finder (termite2712) came from nowhere a couple months ago to show double the FTFs of the previous top cacher - 'his' FTF finds almost equalling his total finds. I looked at about 60 of his then recent finds and not one was claimed to be the FTF in logs. I sent a message via asking him to have a look as I felt the stats were wrong - explained that he probably had pointed P-GC to a bookmark list of all his finds. Had no reply but his FTF total started to reduce from >6000 to around 1000. However recently FTF number climbed again to >6000. Despite several message send, no reply received or the problem resolved - feel I can't keep sending messages in case he thinks I stalking him!

QUESTION: can P-GC admins solve this problem? I believe the "Top FTF" stats are being un-naturally skewed
in Miscellaneous by PlasmaWave (380 points)

2 Answers

+3 votes
In addition to the previous answer, I would say that even 'hard stats kept by GC' are not really hard stats. It is really easy to log caches you have never been to and as long as you keep your logs plausible, it is unlikely that anyone will ever find out since most cache owners do not check the logs in the logbook against the logs on the cache page. The whole game of geocaching is based on the trust in people not misusing the system, but ofcourse there are always people who do so. Of course, you are only fooling yourself by doing so, but it does mess up the stat pages as you can see in the case mentioned in your question.
by Pihoqahiak (3.6k points)
+2 votes
Unfortunately since this is not a hard stat kept by GC, PGC is at the mercy of how the geocacher represents their FTFs, with the log text variables or the public bookmark only.
by TerraViators (9.0k points)
The same problem exist with caches in a day. I looked into the most mult logged i a day last yearand got some strange result. The top result is 217 over a large part of Germany and 2911 logs of other types.
I assume it is a split of a group account but with all logs on the same day and not on the correct day
A quick look give me the impression that the top 6 of top caches in a day are account splits
The first real result is the group in place #7-16 that logged a geoart of 106 multis
There are probibly a lot more account splits in  that top list.
All "in a day"  stats will have this problem if someone have cloned a account from/in that area. Look at X in a day in Globally or in Germany and the top result are probibly account splits