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How to export cache from project to cgeo? Is here something as send2cgeo?

+1 vote
I want to use as my main website. But how can i upload caches from web to cgeo? Is here something as send2cgeo?
asked Nov 26, 2015 in Miscellaneous by Max-SK (1,720 points)

3 Answers

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From Virtual GPS you can export caches to c:geo. This is a new feature since some days.
answered Nov 26, 2015 by Joker96 (2,300 points)
How? Via gpx or script?
Like "send to c:geo". Or via gpx. Or to bookmark-list. You can choose. Button "Export" opens a menu, with even more choices.
Can you please give here screen of that menu? Thank you
Cannot add picture. Give eMail
Or go to Project-gc  -  Virtual GPS (Phone button on top)  - Export
May be you have to create a new cache list with at least one cache first.
And may be you must be a paying member.

Actually im not premium member here but i want to be.
There is a 10 day trial you can activate on the membership page, then you can see how it looks, and test it out.
I activated it few weeks ago and after that i had some problems so no time for testing.
+1 vote
You can export caches from the Virtual GPS to a GPX file which can be imported by c:geo.

There is also a button 'Send 2 c:geo' but afaik this feature is not implemented yet.
answered Nov 26, 2015 by NamelessGuy (2,980 points)
+1 vote
Send2cgeo hasn't been implemented since we never managed to get c:geo to do their half. We will remove the item in the next release.

The best way is to build a gpx file. When that is ready, click to download it and open it with c:geo. This works with all/most other geocaching applications as well.
answered Nov 26, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin) (218,480 points)
That's what I used to do, but going forward I'm going to use a bookmark list+pocket query combination as c:geo has the option to import from pocket queries directly.

To make this (and other types of cross working) easier would it be possible to have a check box which clears all existing caches from the bookmark list before the new ones are exported to it? Also there is a minor bug at the moment that when you click the "export to bookmark list" export button there is no feedback that you did press the button and it completed successfully (I'd expect the dialogue to just close I think), nor does the selected bookmark list update to display the new number of caches in that list.
It is not possible to do any of the following:
* Create bookmark lists.
* Delete from bookmark list.
* Truncate bookmark list.
This is limitation of Groundspeaks API, and yes, it makes it much less smooth to use.

We will see to it that the flow of the modal is more smooth in the future, giving better feedback and so on.
Hmm that does make it slightly problematic then to implement. Even with the slightly clunky workflow it is still going to be much easier than having to email gpx files around or dig out usb cables to copy them over etc so thanks for the great work.
Why not download them straight into your smartphone? That's what I do. No emailing, no dropbox, no cables.
I do sometimes, but normally I'm creating them on my laptop and then need to get them over to two smartphones (which invariably aren't in the same room), opening up the browsers in both and getting to the right page is not particularly streamlined (nothing you can do there).
ok guys, thanx for answers, i go for premium here :)
@mole125: is it a Windows Laptop? Are the smartphones Android-Phones? Then try out the software "superbeam" (i am not affiliated with them, just like the software)
You can send the files via wifi to the smartphones.

I don't know if there is a protation to linux or apple devices..