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+3 votes

In your last bulletin, you indicate work in progress for tracking D/T (see here after)

Wouldn't be nice to track then also the size or the hint. no?

"Tracking geocache changes

We are currently working on a way to track changes of the data regarding geocaches. For example see the D/T-history for them. If there are any other data than difficulty and terrain you would like to see the history off, please contact our support and tell us about your use case."

in Feature requests by Pepegeo (9.5k points)
The size definitely seems relevant. I think hint is less interesting. But most of all, with the implementation we have, it's actually much harder for us to implement.

I have seen suggestions for type as well, it's quite unusual, but it happens. If we add size, it's quite easy to add type as well, so I assume we will do that.

2 Answers

+5 votes

I think it makes sense to track things, that may change statistics. Sometimes you try to find many large caches. If one of your founds suddenly gets converted into a PETling and becomes a micro, this is frustrating - especially if you do not know what it was, that changed your statistics.

So the size, placement date, cache title and maybe even attributes are things that make sense for me to track. Also, it happens that a multi or myst turns into a tradi, so the cache type also makes sense to be tracked.

Once everything is tracked, it would be great to have a filter where you can find caches among your founds, that had changes.

by Spatzenfamilie (320 points)
To be honest, that’s a good comment, but not an answer to the question. (This may not be StackOverflow, but it’s similar…)
–4 votes
and what for?
by Max-SK (1.7k points)