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I'm a paid member and the stats for the DT grid haven't updated today. It says on the page the stats are updated hourly. I have already ran a selfSupportRefreshFindCount and a selfSupportRefreshGccodes but still no update. The cache I am interested in showing was logged about 5 hours ago. Anyone know of any issues?

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Just updated now, maybe the hamsters were having a nap.
I'd like to clarify this a bit. It says on the DT grid page that it's updated hourly, but it's also important to understand what "updated" means here. Project-GC has a database of all log entries we've detected. We read new logs into this as soon as we can. However, in the FAQ it says "How up-to-date is the data? Normally the data is 24-36 hours behind."

All other pages are generated from the data in the database. When it says somewhere that something is regenerated with a specific frequency (like the DT page or your personal profile stats page), that means that that page is regenerated that often from the data that is currently in the database. If your logs haven't been found yet (which is not unlikely after only five hours), then the page will be regenerated but without the new data.

This means for instance that you can sometimes see that *some* of your logs for a major caching day appear in your last stats but not all of them, if the page regeneration happens while only some of your new logs have been read in.

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The stats are updated daily for a paying member. Where does it say hourly?

When you logged the cache just 5 hours ago, I would recommend to check again tommorrow. In the header of your statistics it says when it was last updated.
by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
Copied and pasted from Statistics/TopDTLoopers :"The data is updated every hour for those with at least 73/81 DT, every third hour for those with at least 41/81, daily for those with at least 24/81 and weekly for the rest".