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+3 votes
The two new features "import" and "export" of bookmark-lists are very interesting and practical.
But an even more interesting thing would be the automatic synchronization between PGC and GC (in each case for a VGPS / bookmark).
Thank you ;-)
Les deux nouvelles fonctionnalités "import" et "export" de bookmark-lists sont très intéressantes et pratiques.
Mais une chose encore plus intéressante serait la synchronisation automatique entre PGC et GC (au cas par cas pour un VGPS/bookmark).
Merci ;-)


in Feature requests by Jipem (1.7k points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

I see this as very hard to implement. There are several cases that can not be solved.

  • One way sync could be achieved. But two way isn't possible. The reason is that we can not know if a geocache has been added to one of the sides, or removed from the other.
  • The next issue is that we can not do this in real-time. It would then have to be daily syncs or similar. Which in my opinion would ruin the use case, and make it too unreliable.

However, I like the idea, if it would be achievable with the API from Groundspeak.

by magma1447 (Admin) (242k points)
selected by Jipem