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0 votes
In the BadgeGen belt, there's a field for "2 points for every year since your first cache find". This appears to be implemented as calculating the number of calendar years you have at least one find (as per The Caching Veteran badge) rather than the time since the first find.
in Support and help by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
This is of course a bit ambigious. Also the original BadgeGen website is not clear on it, but I have the impression this belt achievement is handled more or less in the same way as "The Caching Veteran" badge, i.e., you get a point for every calendar year since your first find. It depends on how the original creator of BadgeGen, Kyle, sees it and whether or not it needs to be changed.
by swirlynail (3.0k points)
I took a look at the BadgeGen GSAK plugin and it looks like that discrepancy is there as well. I'll take it up with Kyle.