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Hi. I want to view caches on the live map in a specific county. Then I want to use a tool to load those caches in a park into my virtual gps. I can get the county part and the map a section part. But no caches show up.


Is there a way to do this Or any other way? I want to see the map so I can see if a cache is in the park for a challenge. Thanks!

in Support and help by _SWH (620 points)
I have tried to understand this, but sadly I can't figure out what it is that you want.
I want to use the live map and draw a circle around an area and send the caches to my virtual gps. I have done something like that before but can't remember how

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The polygon-vgps-tool is not implemented in the Live map yet. This far, they have to be added one by add by using the tooltips if the cache icons.

The polygon tool will be added though.
by magma1447 (Admin) (228k points)
selected by _SWH
Oh ok. Where is that polygon tool as of now? I know I used it before but can't find it...
It's available on (almost?) all other maps at Project-GC. A small polygon icon on the left side of the maps.
An example is available at 43-44 minutes into
The voice is in Swedish though.