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I’ve just attempted to discover a couple of TBs with the tool, and this time, it worked successfully but with an empty log message on each. Editing it on the GS website made it work. No idea if this is a generic bug or one dependent on the log message, and within PGC or the GS API.

The log message I used was:

… heh, turns out it disappears from here. Also, it appears to have been converted into UTF-16 surrogates on the GS website in the TB log (example:, but the individual log ( and the same U-0001F3B2 character on the cache log page are fine.

The “Toggle log text” button in the TB Discover tool history also shows nothing, so this appears to be a bug in PGC with (my educated guess) Unicode codepoints from the astral planes.
in Bug reports by mirabilos (2.7k points)
edited by mirabilos
I just tried to discover as well, and the log message was simply cut off at the first non-BMP Unicode character. This bug thus still exists.

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