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I want to use the bookmarklist filter, but the get command doesn't work. The pulldown list remains empty. It doesn't matter if the bookmark list is public, shared or not.

The VGPS bookmarklist-import works.
closed with the note: Now everything works fine.
in Bug reports by MKW (380 points)
closed by MKW
I suspect the fetch operation is cached and you tired with no viable list and changed  and tried agan before the timeout of the cached data.
Try to fetch bookmark list with my nick Target. and i hope you will get two list.
A workaround is to att the GUID to the ur yourself. Look how it is with my list or just add
with the guid likw below to the url and it should work. The guid i visibel in the url when you look at the list at
Thanks for the answer, but it didn't help.

Using your nick had the same result: no list of bookmarklists.

Adding my bml_guid to the url shortened the list of selected caches to 0. I'm sure that the two caches, that are on the bookmarklist, are in the selection without bml_guid.

What I want to do: I'm planning a cache tour and want to check if any of my friends already found some of the caches. So I put all caches on a bookmark list and want to combine this as a filter with the compare-map.
It is not necessary to use a bookmarklist for that. To check that is the design goal of map compare.
Add there name i the Compare With box and you will se that directly. If you are a paying member( i think it is required) there is a mult select button on the end of compare with and you can add 10 people to compare with

But the guid trick sould work please post the GUID and i can test
Also try the link below and you should see 45 caches on a map
If you do a map compare without a bookmarklist filter, you get a list of e.g. 650 caches in the county. Using the bookmark filter I want to check if the 30-40 caches of the planned cache tour have been found by any member of the team.

Good news:  using the "&bml_guid=…" parameter now works.
Bad news: the get command doesn't.
Strange: If I use the link with your bookmark list or the names of some other cachers, the pulldown list is filled correctly and I can select/deselect one in the bookmarklist and the name of the bookmark list is shown above the resulting map. If I do the same with my bookmarklist the text is:  "BML: f058a24c-311a-4094-9265-e6978f81c1fc" and not "Advent in Viersen" which is the name of the bookmarklist.
Another try. Now everything works fine.
Thanks for your patience!
I wish you a Merry Christmas!
I have this problem too, but I have no idea what any of the answers mean in this thread.