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+14 votes
2014 PGC badge changed from Ruby to Platinum.

in Support and help by Zazza1 (680 points)
edited by Zazza1
I can confirm this Bug too. It's the same here ... all badges (even those from previous years) got the same "status "
I can confirm too. My 2014 badge was diamond, now it's emerald (same as 2015).
Yes, me too .. diamont to emerald (same as 2015)
Yes, mine too .. diamond to emerald (same as 2015)

Ok, now we are waiting for Ganja1447 to fix it!  smiley

1 Answer

+4 votes

Bug confirmed. The problem is that the added 2015-badge has destroyed the value of the 2014 one in our database.

I will look into if we can recalculate it, or if we should restore a backup of that particular data. Regardless it will be fixed, and the causing bug is already fixed., so it won't happen next year..

UPDATE: Fixed, we could recalculate the data without using our backups. We had all the points and specifications intact. It was just that everyone got the 2015-badge for every year. We could then do the math on the old ones again.

by magma1447 (Admin) (240k points)
Thanks. Seems to be working fine now.
Thank you, yes it works again!
Yes, forgot to mention. It might not update for everyone at once. Should be fixed the next time the Profile stats renders. Since Zazza1 reported this, I used that as a test. 2014 says "R" in the database (as in Ruby).
Toppen, tack för det!
Yes, everything is fine again, thanks for fixing!