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+39 votes

A very nice feature that I wish for christmas is to have a map where I can see the activity for a selectet TB/GC.

At the moment there is such a map at, but for some reason it is really widescreen and tiny, so it's difficult to get an overview.

In addition the lines between each point is quite thick, and the number for the cache is quite big, so when the TB has traveled a lot it all gets messy.

Would such a map be possible?

An alternative to this feature could be to have a "traveled distance" map, to see the travel activity for a geocacher rather than a TB. 

in Feature requests by Henrikvd (620 points)
Thanks for having this thread to see what kind of interest there is in trackables and the distances that they travel.

8 Answers

+4 votes
There is a similar facility at, however it does not dynamically get the logs, so each time you visit it goes off to collect the updates. I have a lot of trackables, some have travelled a lot of hops, so when it gets my updates the browser times out. For me it gets all the data after two or three retries.

The advantage of over is that all your trackables current locations are on one zoomable google map with its current status (in a cache, carried, unknown, etc), and selecting one shows its travels. This part is implemented very nicely, however it does not cope with my personal TB which I carry around and has visited every cache I have been to but never sat in one. (My TB works on Geocaching's map, although that takes ages to load too.)

I imagine that for Project-gc to start tracking TBs would be a major piece of work. They would do a better job than geotribes simply because of the automated daily update. I would love it to happen, but I am not expecting it. Ever. In the meantime, check out Geotribes.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
Thanks for the tip seagnoid.
I'll try out . I also know that the app cach sense  has a similar function, but that map doesn't show the travel line, only the caches visited.
I use geotribes for my trackables but takes ages to load. It would be nice if something like this could be added to project-gc
+1 vote
This map could also have filters like show travel between two dates. Show only trad, myst, multi caches the TB/GC have moved to. Maybe statistics like how many logs retreive, discovered, grab. And also how many saw the TB/GC on a certain event. A list of event-caches the TB/GC has been seen on. Even more info or lists could be generated, show which users have discovered, grabbed or retreived it. List visited countries. List visited countys regions an so on.
by Postis70 (1.3k points)
+1 vote
Project-GC doesn't have much data about trackables today. As the Groundspeak API works, I am not sure we will get there, but it would be interesting to try to solve it in the future.

But starting to implement things for trackables will be a huge step which will not happen for a while. Most likely not even during 2015.
by magma1447 (Admin) (243k points)
+1 vote
I'd also really like this feature. Even better if the map could be zoomed or offer a click through to individual logs based on mouse hover.

But this sounds like a really big ask :-)
by The Wombles (3.5k points)
+1 vote
I really would like to see that on PGC.

Currently statistics for a certain TB are almost unusable.

It would be brilliant to get a comprehensive overview a TBs history....e.g. how many cachers helped it travelling, which countries have been visited, where did it stay for how long and possible crossmatching of all that data (e.g. which geocacher took the TB over which distance,....).

Endless possibilities for really useful statistics.
by Lineflyer (4.5k points)
+1 vote is history. I would really love to have a map with all my traveling TBs/GCs on one page.

Two different icons would be great: One for trackables that are actually droppen physically in a cache (maybe with that blue downward arrow), and another one (maybe with a "walking feet" icon) on the last visited cache for trackables which are currently carried by other cachers.

Trackables which are in my collection could/should be omitted from the map.


by famlangerws (170 points)
0 votes provides this facility, but it is not well implemented there. I have about 40 trackables, and as it gathers my data, I get 2-3 HTTP timeouts, have to hit refreash. eventually the data appears. Works great for normal trackables that are travelling, put personal ones, that you always keep on you, it does not seem to see.

I am sure PGC could do a better job that does not involve the http timeouts.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
reshown by the Seagnoid (Expert)
make that .
Is the mentioned site still alive? I cannot reach it.
The DNS entry is still live but the server is not responding. If it is the same in a few days I would guess the server is down permanently.
0 votes
This would be so cool. I never used because I didn't know of that site, but it's not available since 4 years and it would be nice if something similar would be added by PGC
by Feluko (170 points)