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How does P-GC identify the caches where you have added a cache note? Does there have to be a find on that cache for your cache note to be detected.

I am solving puzzles of a geoart and have noticed that some solved puzzles appear very quickly but some are still outstanding after a long period of time.

I see there is a date of last update which is showing as yesterday.

An example of a puzzle that was solved some time ago and not appearing is GC4XVA0

I saw that a bookmark list like for FTFs was under consideration some time ago.

in Miscellaneous by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
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1 Answer

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As far as I know, there is an API function to fetch all the caches that you have a personal cache note for, so all your caches with notes should be read each update (which I think happens at least daily). If you have caches that you consider solved but that don't appear after more than a full 24-hour period, I would recommend that you double-check the format of the coordinates that you have put in for the solution so that there isn't a typo somewhere preventing Project-GC from understanding that they are actually coordinates.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (181k points)
Thank you for the response
Yep - that was it. A comma in the coords
If you are a paying member and build a GPX from the vgps you can trigger an update of all corrected coordinates from the notes if you check that box.
It also looks for the corrected coordinate for all unknown and multi in the vgps if i am not mistaken
My experience is that when you changed the coordinates without entering this in the personal cache note, PGC does not detect this.
That is, more or less, true. Project-GC does support the "corrected coordinates" field, but due to the way that Groundspeak's API is constructed it is not practical to use that field in general (there is no way to figure out which caches a user has corrected coordinates for).

Thus, if you enter corrections in the "personal cache note" field, Project-GC will detect them automatically. If you enter corrections in the "corrected coordinates" field, Project-GC will only see them if you specifically as for them. The way to do this is to put the caches in a VGPS and then export them as a GPX, making sure to check the "refresh corrected coordinates" checkbox.
I put the corrected coordinates in the personal note, then directly in the VGPS (using the PGC-Greasemonkey script (that works perfectly with Tampermonkey in Chrome, too)). So they are quickly updated e.g. on the live map

Then I even write the coordinates in the "corrected coordinates", because then i get the corrected coordinates when i download a gpx from