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It seems that there is a bug in the statistics tab find' chapter Finds to xth Jan for each year

Mine done the 8/01 doesn't represent my patern of find by year at all (which must be close to the Finds by month per year at the beginning of the year.
On top of that i remark that count per year stop at 2011 for me though i started in 2009 and the year 2016 is already represented with importance and i only have 2 in this year.
Not a blocking bug anyway. Happy new year and thanks for your work for which i just renew
in Bug reports by Pepegeo (9.6k points)

1 Answer

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I think you're misunderstanding what that chart is showing. It shows proportions by year of the number of caches found from 1 Jan of that year until the current date. I guess this chart is so that you can track how this year is going for your total finds in the year compared to previous years. The Finds by month per year charts show how many finds were in the month, regardless of which date of the month you made the find.

You started caching in 2009, but your first find was on 31 Jan so you didn't have any finds "to 8 Jan" in that year. In 2010 your first find was on 20 Jan, so that year won't show up in the Finds to xxx yyy for each year chart until 20 Jan.

by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
selected by Pepegeo
Your right, thanks for a very good explanation. I didn't take enough time to learn before posting. Happy new year!