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+4 votes
I think it stopped working properly after Firefox upgraded to 43.0.4.


The link to Gc Prohect, which is located on the top bar is gone.
in Support and help by Ainka-in-love (360 points)
It doesn't seem to work in Chrome 47.0.2526.106 either.
The error occurs since today. Yesterday it worked fine for me, but now it stopped working even in my older Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85. Maybe it is not a browser issue, but changes on the website?

Well, the link to GC-Project is gone, but still the Gallery link, the elevation, the link to the live map are shown and work. But hiding the disclaimer is broken..
And the latest logs on top seem not to work.

That's what i just tested.
I agree that it is probably some change to the site; a number of other GC-related scripts I've been using have also lost functionality.
I'm using 43.0.3 and the script is partially working, so I don't think it's a Firefox/browser problem - it doesn't show the Project-GC top-bar link on geocache pages or trackable pages, but does show it on lists, friends, souvenirs, statistics, etc.
Yes indeed, on those pages it works. On geocache-pages, the vgps and the checkers (if there is one) are shown.
For me, the only page it seems to show on is the 'profile' page. Unfortunately although it shows, none of the options can be toggled.

1 Answer

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Right now, it works again.

I did not change anything in my browser environment.

Thanks for the update.
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
edited by NoobNader (Expert)