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Statistics - oldest cache found

0 votes
As far as i know the oldest cache is from may 2000, so this date should be the absolut minimum in the statistics under oldest cache found.

I have found a cache - - that seams like it is hidden in 1998 !!

My sugestion for a fix: Ignore caches eith a hidden data before may 2000. Alternative use the published date if avaible.
asked Nov 12, 2014 in Bug reports by oz9els (1,740 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Publish date was implemented the summer of 2005, so that is not an option. However, ignoring hidden dates before the geocaching started could definitely be an option. Though I would prefer that Groundspeak actually took responsibility for their data and corrected things that obviously are wrong. But on the other hand, the canister could actually be hidden in 90s (with another purpose), but published 10 years later.

I have added a date requirement of 2000-01-01 or newer in the development environment now.
answered Nov 12, 2014 by magma1447 (Admin) (216,700 points)
Thanks. There is a point in the publishing date for this cache ;-)
I know some of those fake old ones are part of mystery caches. But I still think it is lazy of Groundspeak to not have any form of validation on that date when creating a geocache. It should have been in their interest, in my opinion.