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+5 votes

I propose a Logs / FP heat map.

Wouldn't it be intersting to see a visual representation of the number of logs / FP in a specified area?

Let's define an area by center/radius and then instead of displaying the cache icons draw a coloured circle where the size of the circle corresponds to the number of Logs and the colour to FP the caches have received.

So a big circle means lots of log entries, a blue colour means very little FP, green means medium FP and red colour means lots of FP.



in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)
Good idea! Might be useful while planning a trip to any specific area. Instead of checking the most valuable geocaches (in order not to miss them once you are there) one by one according to the list of the percentage and/or Wilson, you could see it clearly sorted right on the map.
one more vote for color coded maps. it would be a very cool addon to the live map :)

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