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please, clarify what exactly you want to achieve.

1 Answer

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You can list all your finds using Map Compare feature:

(edited the link. It was missing disabled/archived caches as  pinkunicorn noted)

The list of countries you found a cache in is available in your profile stats, for example in Milestiones tab (first cache by country):
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
edited by Jakuje (Moderator)
A side note here: When you say that it seems to show the wrong number of caches I assume that you are comparing with something like Top Found or for that matter your total find count. The difference is that by default, Map Compare doesn't  list finds you have made of caches that have since been archived or that are currently disabled. You need to add an extra filter to display those, and then the numbers will match.
Thanks for the note. Yes, it is obvious, but I didn't realize it on the first sight. I fixed the link and comment.