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From Groundspeak:

In our continued effort to increase site security and promote cross platform compatibility, we will be removing support for HTML and UBB code in logs in favor of Markdown on February 2, 2016. These codes are used to add emphasis to text such as bold or italic type, or to add links to websites. HTML and UBB code may not always look exactly as you intended them to on some devices, while Markdown will consistently look good across all devices.

Checker authors will need to check their challenge code to remove html from any components that would be copy-and-pasted into logs.

The full articles are available here:

you can try Markdown here:

in Miscellaneous by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
Note that markdown does support imbedded html to some degree, but that does run counter to what groundspeak are trying to achieve.
Markdown as such supports inline HTML, but will Groundspeak's Markdown implementation actually support that?
Great that you bring this up. We have already changed our text so that is says that Markdown is the preferred way, and not bbcode. Though I doubt many reads it afterwards.

I will try to convert the bbcode url-tag into Markdown automatically later on. Maybe even some other tags, but haven't looked at it yet.

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