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Not a question, just a comment:

Just after Christmas, I created a public bookmark on to list all events in the UK and Ireland scheduled to take place on leap day. At the time I thought, perhaps naively, that there wouldn't be more than a dozen or so. However the number soon exceeded that, and I realised it would not be practical to maintain the list manually.

Fortunately I stumbled across the Coming Events tool, and I realised I could use this. I set the filter to list all events type in multiple locations (UK/Ireland/Jersey/Guernsey/Isle of Man) hidden from 2016/02/29 to 2016/02/29. This gave a list which I could transfer to a new VGPS list. Finally, I could export that to my bookmark list. This only takes a couple of minutes, since the Coming Events filter remembers my choices from last time, so I go through the process a couple of times a day to keep the bookmark list up to date.

I post this in case anyone fancies trying this for their own country or state, and to say thanks for providing these excellent tools.

Incidentally, the present total of events is 122!
in Miscellaneous by Optimist on the run (Expert) (20.1k points)
edited by Optimist on the run (Expert)
Well done and a nice suggestion. I had also been concerned I would not be able to find a seat in one of those events but also in Switzerland a lot of them have been set up now. Have fun!
A great example of how Project-GC can be used to do some obscure things once one understands the site, and knows their way around it.

I like your post. :)

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